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Nothing beats the essence of crisp seafood. So when you long for appetizing seafood, you have to know that you can get them from Hill Seafood, we offer Wholesale Seafood Perth

We are the leading Seafood Wholesalers Perth so on the off chance that you are searching for a wide assortment of crisp seafood, contact us today to ensure we have the seafood you need in stock or to find out about our catch of the day.

At Hill Seafood, our vision is to showcase and delight you with the finest and freshest local Western Australian Wholesale Fish Market Perth and the production is direct from the fisherman to our store.

Our Values

At Hill Seafood our aim is to provide you with a level of service that exceeds your expectations;

  • Prompt and friendly service
  • Wholesale Prices
  • Long term relationships
  • Listen to Customer Feedback
  • Value added service

Whether you need to buy seafood to set yourself up or for your restaurants you can select from our in-house menu, our group can help you find what you require at reasonable and sensible costs.

With Hill Seafood, you have a partner in your seafood business. In addition to sourcing the finest products, we store them in the state of art premises.

Freshness is our obsession. We go beyond the Australian recommended seafood quality checks, checking fish temperatures at several points before giving it our stamp of approval.

We invite you to learn more about Hill Seafood through our web site. If you want to build your Seafood Wholesalers Perth business by partnering with a strong, knowledgeable team of seafood experts, Hill Seafood is the company for you.

We look forward to providing the same high level of service to our loyal customers and making new friends as well!

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